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OMD2 Day 12: 3-D

OMD2-Day12-3DMaybelline Color show: 677 Blackout (as a base)
Kiko LE Laser Nail Lacquer: 435 Venom Teal
Fimo Leafs
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OMD2 Day 11: Rainbow

OMD2-Day11-RainbowLoose glitter Read More →

OMD2 Day 10: Favorite Polish

OMD2-Day10-FavoritePolishThis was a hard one! Choosing only one favorite polish is impossible! So I did two:)
China Glaze LE Hunger Games: Stone Cold
Catrice LE Million Styles Effect Top Coat: C08 Have an ice day
Temporary Tattoos (Normally used on skin/children)

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OMD2 Day 9: Jelly

OMD2-Day9-JellyEssence: 104 Sweets as Candy
Createx Modelair paint: ’4101 Aluminum Base’
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OMD2 Day 8: Shimmer

OMD2-Day8-ShimmerEssence Le Seasons of Extremes Colour3 nail polish: 04 Just The Nude Of Us
Essence French Manicure and Pedicure Pen

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OMD2 Day 7: Holographic

OMD2-Day7-HolographicPupa Holographic Nail Polish: 030 Silver
Catrice Le Luxury Lacquers Holomania: C03 Holo In One
Hema: 53 Holographic Blue
Hema: 51 Holographic Green
Gosh: 549 Holographic (Old Version) Read More →

OMD2 Day 6: Duochrome

OMD2-Day6-Duochrome-1.4Maybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers Chameleon: C05 Chromeo & Julia    Read More →

OMD2 Day 5: Dark

OMD2-Day5-DarkMaybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
China Glaze LE Hunger Games: Stone Cold
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OMD2 Day 4: Bright

OMD2-Day4-BrightCasuelle: Neon Pink
Casuelle: Neon Yellow
Essence Le Hup Holland Hup: 02 Hattrick! (as base coat)

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OMD2 Day 3: Lavender (Fields)

OMD2-Day3-Lavender-1Lots of polishes used after the jump: Read More →