31DC2014: All in One

I did it again! For the second year I completed the 31 day challenge and I am proud of it! Thank you all for supporting me again and a big WOW for all of you who joined this challenge and made some gorgeous nail art this month!
Want to see what I did last year and this year all together? 

DSC_0516 1
DSC_0550 31dc14-Orange
DSC_0578 31dc14-Yellow
DSC_0775 31dc14-Green
DSC_0978 31dc14-Blue
DSC_1351 31dc14-Violet
DSC_1507 31dc14-Black&White
DSC_1263 31dc14-Metallic
DSC_1893 31dc14-Rainbow
DSC_2052 31dc14-Gradient-1.1
DSC_2181 1 31dc14-Polka-Dots
DSC_2243 31dc14-Stripes
DSC_2417 31dc14-AnimalPrint
31dc2013flowers1 31dc14-Flowers
31dc2013delicate1 31dc14-Delicate-1.3
31dc2013tribal3 31dc14-Geometric
31dc2013glitter2 31dc14-Glitter
31dc2013halfmoons3 31dc14-Half-Moons
31dc2013galaxy2 31dc14-Galaxies
31dc2013watermarble1 31dc14-Water-Marble
31dc2013color1 31dc14-Color
31dc2013song5 31dc14-Song
31dc22013movie1 31dc14-Movie
31dc2013book52 31dc14-Book
31dc2013fashion1 31dc14-Fashion
31dc2013pattern3 31dc14-Pattern-1.3
31dc2013art1 31dc14-Artwork
31dc2013flag2 31dc14-Flag
31dc2013supernatural4 31dc14-Supernatural
31dc2013tutorial2 31dc14-Tutorial
31dc2013honor4 31dc14-Honor-Nails-You-Love-1.3
31dc2013day32 31dc14-Day-32


7 Thoughts on “31DC2014: All in One

  1. it’s cool to see both years at once. good job!

  2. Mamarja on October 4, 2014 at 10:31 pm said:

    Ik ben weer trots op je! XXX

  3. You are a true artist.

  4. Gerjanne Smit on October 7, 2014 at 9:59 pm said:

    Wow Sanne, heel gaaf! En erg leuk de beide jaren naast elkaar te zien 🙂
    M’n twee favo’s zijn de ‘inspired by a book 2013’ en de ‘inspired by an artist 2014’.
    Haha die had je vast niet gedacht he? 😉

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