31DC2014 Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

31dc14-FashionHema: 19 Yellow
Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen
Inspired by Moschino. Winter 2014/2015 31dc14-Fashion-Moschino

5 Thoughts on “31DC2014 Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

  1. These look great too. Nice and fresh!
    That Moschino jacket is like the result of someone who tried to breed bees and leopards, don’t you think? Ha. Maybe it’s just me…

    • Thanks! I did not get the idea from Moschino but it is an official collaboration with spongebob, even weirder you’d think? It personally reminds me of Marsupilami

      • LMAO, yes it is pretty whacky – but I know they recently did a McDonalds themed look, so I can’t say I’m surprised to find that out. It makes even more sense now.

        It totally looks like Marsupilami – I hope it’s not his actual fur :-O (joking)

  2. Very beautiful!!!
    I love the combo yellow and black!

    Eva – Brazil

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