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31DC2014 Day 12: Stripes

31dc14-StripesHema: 210 One Coat Pink
Createx Modelaire Paint: 4001 base coat white
Max Striper: Pink Summer Read More →

31DC2014 Day 9: Rainbow

31dc14-RainbowEssence LE Hup Holland Hup!: 02 Hattrick!
Max Stripers Read More →

Red, Green & White Candy Canes

Red-Green-White-Candy-CanesEssie: Blanc
Max Striper: Red
Hema: 22 (Green) Read More →

Red & White Christmas Tribals

Red-White-ChristmasEssie: Blanc
Max Striper: Red Read More →

Yellow, White and Black Stripes

Yellow-White-Black-StripesEssie: Blanc
Max Striper: Neon Yellow
Createx Modelaire Paint: Pearlized Black 4314  Read More →

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

31dc2013art1Catrice: 400 Blue Cara Ciao
Catrice: C02 For Bright Guys
Catrice: 470 Snow Motion!
Max Stripers: Neon Orange, Navy, Magenta, Red, White
Maybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
Rimmel: 323 Riviera Red
Yes Love: W45
Etos: Mini Yellow, Green Read More →

Day 19: Galaxies

31dc2013galaxy2Maybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
Catrice: 470 Snow Motion!, C05 Return of Space Cowboys
Max stripers: Navy, Deep Purple
Gosh: 541 Gasoline Read More →