Day 19: Galaxies

31dc2013galaxy2Maybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
Catrice: 470 Snow Motion!, C05 Return of Space Cowboys
Max stripers: Navy, Deep Purple
Gosh: 541 Gasoline31dc2013galaxy1

6 Thoughts on “Day 19: Galaxies

  1. beachgal on September 20, 2013 at 1:34 am said:

    Very pretty – I have yet to master doing this one well.

  2. What kinda polish is that in the pic on the far right? It looks cool!

    • I think you mean Return of Space Cowboys from Catrice, it is a limited edition special effect topper, there were 8 different polishes called ‘Million Styles effect top coat’, this is nr 5 and it is perfect for galaxies!

  3. Limited edition…. guess it’s not too easy to come by then. 🙁 it looks so amazing!
    I’ve never tried Catrice before.

    • When this limited edition came out, there was a run for the polishes and it was hard to collect them all, all 8 are special!
      Catrice is one of the budget brands here in the Netherlands, and I think that 1/4 of my stash is Catrice, so you will see more polishes you can not buy yourself:( Maybe we can swap in the future if you see some you really like;)

  4. Gerjanne Smit on September 20, 2013 at 10:27 pm said:

    It’s out of this world! A-ma-zing! 😀

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