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OMD2 Day 19: Ombre

OMD2-Day19-OmbreEssence Show Your Feet: 30 Oceana
(Warning: Use double base coat to prevent staining!)
Gosh: 541 Gasoline Read More →

OMD2 Day 7: Holographic

OMD2-Day7-HolographicPupa Holographic Nail Polish: 030 Silver
Catrice Le Luxury Lacquers Holomania: C03 Holo In One
Hema: 53 Holographic Blue
Hema: 51 Holographic Green
Gosh: 549 Holographic (Old Version) Read More →

Winner Gosh Holographic – Giveaway

Winner-Holo-Giveaway*Drumroll* Read More →

Gold Stripes

Gold-StripesEssence: 66 Shiny Godness
Gosh: 02 Frosted Gold Read More →

Oh Gosh A Holo To Win!

Oh-Gosh-A-Holo-To-WinGosh: 549 Holographic Hero Read More →

Frosted Gold & Rhinestone Flower

Gold-Texture-Rhinestone-FlowerGosh Frosted Sand look: 02 Frosted Gold
Rhinestones Read More →

Day 19: Galaxies

31dc2013galaxy2Maybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
Catrice: 470 Snow Motion!, C05 Return of Space Cowboys
Max stripers: Navy, Deep Purple
Gosh: 541 Gasoline Read More →