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Day 13: Animal Print


Essence: Nail Colour 3: 01 Midnight date
Createx Modelair paint: ‘4001 base coat white’
Max Stripers: Navy, Turquoise

Curious what animal it is? Read More →

Day 12: Stripes

Maybelline: 677 Blackout
Etos: 121 Duochrome
Hema: 64 Chameleon Purple
da Specials & Effects: Magic Mauve Read More →

Day 11: Polka Dots

DSC_2181 1
Rimmel Lycra Pro: 323  Riviera Red
Essence: 35 Movie Star
Maybelline: 677 Blackout
Createx Modelair paint: ‘4001 base coat white’ Read More →

Day 10: Gradient

A long list of nail polishes on the next page, I have sponged 2 colors at one nail, but unfortunately you can not see the difference in colors Read More →

Day 9: Rainbow

Fogan: 14 White
Max Stripers: Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Lime Green, Sky Blue and Deep Purple
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Day 8: Metallic

Essence: Nail art magnetics 01 Miracle Shine!
Createx Modelair paint: ‘4101 Aluminum Base’ Read More →

Day 7: Black and White

Maybelline Color Show: 677 Blackout
Createx Modelair paint ‘4001 base coat white’ Read More →

Day 6: Violet

DSC_1351Hema Special Effect Holographic: Holographic Purple
da Nailpolish Specials & Effects: Beam Read More →

Day 5: Blue

DSC_0978Hema: 442
Createx Modelair paint:  ‘4001 base coat white’ Read More →

Day 4: Green

DSC_0775Essence: Season of extremes 03 We are all bright. Green side / Groene kant
Essence: Nail effect powder Guerilla Gardening 01 I’m the Moss Read More →