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Happy Birthday


I have gathered some people for you to celebrate your birthday here with a digital surprise party. And since this is a nail blog alot of people wanted to do their nails with you!

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Oh No! No more daily posts!

Hi lovely visitors,
I have decided *with pain in my heart* to take a break from my daily nail-art posts. I will be posting weekly for a few weeks… Why?
Because my nails are badly damaged due to dyshidrotic eczema 🙁 The nail polish removers are not good for my nails and it takes a lot of layers of nail polish to get the real bad spots covered to get me satisfied 🙁

I know you are not here to look at nails that look terrible, but if you do want to see them, or see an article on how to cover damaged nails with holes and ridges, let me know and I will make you a post.

Do you have recommendations on how to treat nails that are damaged from eczema? Please let me know! I am willing to try everything to get as fast as possible back to posting once a day! Which I love!

Halloween Part VII | Spooky Eyes

Halloween-Occult-Evil-eyesCatrice LE Thrilling Me Softly: C03 Occult
Createx Modelair Paint: 4001 base coat white
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Halloween Part I: Green Slime

Halloween green slime essence action createx nails

Essence: Breaking Dawn Part Two: 02 Alice had a vision – again
Essence: Nail art special effect topper: 08 Night in Vegas
Createx Modelair Paint: 4001 base coat white
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Denim Look

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